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Zhuhai Sinopak Electric Ltd. is a professional one-stop solution provider for motor drives and power quality equipment for a variety of industries.

Motor Drives

1. Increased Reliability
Motor drive systems with various speed options are more reliable than traditional motor drive systems that use turbines to control the flow. We can configure these systems to also be used as a backup system if needed.

2. Significant Energy Savings
The flow control valve is not required to avoid a large energy flow loss. The variable speed motor drive system has been proven to be more efficient than other flow control methods.

Relationship between Speed Regulation and Energy Savings
Using variable frequency speed regulation technology, the variable frequency drive can adjust the pressure and flux of the fan/pump. This is a more advanced control mode.

P1/P2 = (N1/N2)As we know, Q1/Q2= (N1/N2)²; H1/H2= (N1/N2)³
Q1, H1, and P1 are respectively: flux, pressure and power under the N1 of motor speed.
Q2, H2 and P2 are respectively: flux, pressure and power under the N2 of motor speed.

Thus, as long as the motor rotation has slowed down, the shaft power in the motor will be significantly reduced, leading to an energy saving performance.

3. Significantly Less Maintenance
The oil and gas industry relies on system availability, and to keep up with that demand, variable speed motor drive systems require little to no maintenance, as opposed to a flow control valve system in which guide vanes and turbines do require extensive maintenance periodically, and do lead to downtime.

4. Air and Noise Pollution Eliminated Almost Completely
Gas turbines used in a drive compressor can generate significant air and noise pollution, which is a serious problem in densely populated areas. A variable speed motor drive system generates no air and noise pollution, which in turn is quieter operation.

5. Soft Start in a Single or Multiple Motors, and Power Factor Correction
When electric drives start large motors, a starting inrush current with the associated mechanical and thermal wiring stress is eliminated. This removes limitations on motor frequency in terms of starting, reduces insulation damages and extends the motor life. With a synchronization performance, one drive can start multiple motors. A phase shifting transformer and power cells connected in a series assists in improving the overall system power factor to over 0.95.

Power Quality

1. Harmonics
The effective component in an AC power grid refers only to the power frequency. Any other component is called a harmonic. The harmonic is generated due to a sinusoidal voltage being applied to the non-linear load, which distorts the fundamental current. With a continuous development in science and technology, the non-linear electrical equipment has become increasingly popular for use in the power systems.

2. Reactive Power
Reactive power refers to the power that oscillates or travels between the load and the power supply, and does not convert to other forms of energy (such as mechanical, optical, thermal, chemical or others). In the power distribution system, the running equipment consumes both the active and reactive power. Reactive power is sometimes referred to as VAR.

3. Three Phase Unbalance
Three phase unbalance means that the three phase current (or voltage) amplitudes are inconsistent, and the difference exceeds the specified range. In a power grid, the main reasons behind a three phase unbalance include an uneven distribution of single phase loads, uncontrollable load connection times to the grid, asymmetric three phase loads and a resonance in the power grid.

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