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Sinopak Electric, mainly provides AC motor drives and power quality equipment, serving in the fields of industrial energy saving, industrial automation and harmonic filtering in power grid system. Our company offers variable frequency drive, static VAR generator, active harmonic filter, power quality compensator for use in industrial machines and equipment. Running as a subsidiary of CUMARK, Sinopak provides quality medium voltage and low voltage variable frequency drives as well as one-stop solutions for customers.

    1. High Voltage Static Var GeneratorEven in modern electrical systems, power generation enterprises cannot completely control their power quality. Some power quality variation is caused by the power consumer, or physical and environmental factors.
    1. Medium Voltage Variable Frequency DriveFollowing with the snowballing imbalance between supply and demand of global energy, the cost pressure of many industrial companies is increasing, and whether saving energy and reducing resource consumption are effectively implemented is directly related to the competitiveness of enterprises.
    1. Medium Voltage Magnetically Controlled Soft StarterLarge motor driven models play a key role in various industries. However, if these machines are started at full pressure, it will inevitably result in voltage fluctuation of power grids and negatively influence the operation of other devices connected to the same grid.

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