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About Sinopak

For the right choice in top quality motor drives and variable frequency drives, come to Zhuhai Sinopak Electric Ltd, your one stop solution for all things power system drives.

We pride ourselves on the production of high voltage variable frequency drives, low variable frequency drives, explosion resistant variable frequency drives, active power filters and more. Each is used in 3 primary areas: energy conservation, automation and power purification. With an annual output of 60,000 units, our products are found in wire and cable, plastic, printing and packaging, textile and chemical fiber, metallurgy, coal, steel, petroleum, chemical and power industries.

As a subsidiary of CUMARK Co., Ltd, we are a specialist in electrification and utilizing new technology in power electronics, power drive and energy efficiency automation. Our production base is in Hongfa Industrial Park in Shenzhen City, with an R&D building under construction in the Guangming District of Shenzhen City.

  • CUMARK Building
  • Production Base
R&D Center

Our R&D facility is staffed by a technical team with outstanding experience, and a wealth of knowledge. For better efficiency, the facility is dived into 4 areas: software, hardware, structure and technology. The software area is responsible for software modeling, software process collation, software coding, software pressure testing, software optimization and more. The hardware area is where we carry out principle design for the electrical system and hardware plate, as well as device analysis. The structural area is where 3D model design, 2D model design, ventilating and heat dissipation design, as well as other design applications are carried out. Finally, the technology area standardizes the production process and clarifies guidance documents.

Back-to-back Test Platform

We invested nearly 20 million yuan in order to build a high power motor back to back testing platform, whose test power can reach up to 2500kW-the only one of its kind in China. The platform itself uses a combination design, and is used to ensure that every variable frequency drive meets design requirements that are equal to, or better, than national standards for quality and performance. It is the only real load test platform recognized on an international level, and the test results reflect the key indexes of the variable frequency drive, including heating, aging, electromagnetic interference, and electromagnetic stress, in order to ensure long term, correct operation.

Reliability Performance Test Bench

In order to improve the stability of the high voltage variable frequency drives, we carry out temperature cycling tests, as well as high and low temperature impact tests, aging temperature rise tests, full load aging tests, and more. This improves the stability and product reliability, ensuring the customer receives a safe, reliable variable frequency drive.

Control Panel Production Line

We have a control panel secondary processing production line that carries out everything involved in control panel processing, assembly, testing and software functional testing.

Power Unit Production Line

The power unit is the key component to any high voltage variable frequency drive. The power unit also consists of the most components. In order to achieve mass production of the power unit, we have an automatic power unit production line featuring a streamlined layout, high efficiency, and automatic, intelligent production.

Machine Assembly and Test Line

The high voltage variable frequency drive is a systemic product. Each component has its own function, but put together, a streamlined and compact structure ensures overall safe and convenient operation. This is why a pre-delivery test is key, and why we have invested in a testing line that tests all parts of the system.

Our products are sold worldwide, and include customers in Mongolia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Poland, Australia, Bangladesh and more. Customers vary in industry, including electric power, nonferrous metal, and cement industries. We are continuing to explore an international market, and continue to ensure our professionalism, machine safety, security, convenience and performance.

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