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Smart Grid Power Quality Compensator

3 Phase Imbalance Correction, Grid Power Quality Compensator Device, Power Factor Correction Unit

Three-phase unbalance means that the three-phase current (or voltage) amplitudes of the power system are inconsistent, and the amplitude difference exceeds the specified range. In the power grid, the main reasons causing three-phase unbalance include unbalanced distribution of single-phase loads, uncontrollable load connection time to the grid, asymmetric three-phase loads and resonance in power grid.

The Hazards of Three-Phase Unbalance Are As Follows
Overheating, reduced service life and compromised insulation performance, excessive current of transformer
Increased current on neutral line, and raised line loss
Shortened service life, or even burnout
Overheating, reduced efficiency of motor

Working Principles of Smart Grid Power Quality Compensator Device (SPC)
The smart grid power quality correction device (SPC) is the new type of the power electronic device developed by Sinopak for controlling power quality in power distribution network. This device is the upgraded and optimized product based on static var generator for distribution network, which can effectively compensate the three-phase unbalance, regulate reactive power in two directions rapidly to stabilize stability of system
voltage in real time and substantially improve the power quality in distribution network power quality.

Related Names
Three phase imbalance correciton, three phase unbalance correction, grid power quality compensator device, smart power quality correct device, power factor correction unit, terminal voltage compensation device

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