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Low Voltage Static Var Generator

Power Factor Correction Unit, Reactive Power Compensator, Reactive Power Generator

Reactive power refers to the power that oscillates or travels between the load and the power supply, which does not convert to other forms of energy (such as mechanical, optical, thermal, chemical energy, etc.). In the power distribution system, the running equipment consumes both active and reactive power. Reactive power can also be referred to as VAR.

Commonly-used Devices that Require Reactive Power Include
Transmission lines, transformers, rotating electrical machinery, AC-DC speed regulating system, high-medium frequency induction furnace
Welding equipment, thyristor temperature control equipment, thyristor dimming equipment, lighting equipment
UPS, charger, electric arc furnace, paper shredder, ball mill, water pump, elevator, metal working machine

These Equipment and Devices Consuming Reactive Power Can Bring about the Following Hazards
Low power factor, high electricity expenses
Increased equipment capacity and investment
Decreased product qualification rate
Voltage fluctuation, sag and flicker
Raised loss on equipment and transmission lines, decreased service life of equipment

Working Principle of Static Var Generator
Static Var Generator is referred to as SVG for short. SVG is capable of real-time detection of load current through the external current transformer (CT), and extraction of harmonic and reactive components in the load current via calculation of the internal DSP. Controlled by PWM, it can produce and input the compensating current equal to the value of load harmonic current but opposite to the direction of load harmonic and reactive current in order to filter the harmonic and compensate reactive power.

Related Names
Low voltage static var generator, power factor correction unit, reactive power compensator, reactive power generator, modular static var generator, STATCOM, static synchronous compensator

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