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High Voltage Static Var Generator

Indoor SVG Composition

  • 35kV Indoor TSVG
  • SVG inside

TSVG system mainly consists of starting cabinet, power cabinet and control cabinet.

Soft start cabinet
With a simple structure, the starting cabinet mainly consists of vacuum switch and charging resister, dry-type reactor etc. It is utilized to connect SVG and grid to realize power buffering. Meanwhile, it reduces the current ripples of SVG.

After the main circuit breaker closing, the system voltage charges the DC supporting capacitor of the power module though charging resister. The charging resistor can avoid the damage of IGBT module or DC supporting capacitor because of high starting current. After charging, the control system will close the power network vacuum switch.

Power cabinet

Power cabinet
Power cabinet is mainly composed of power modules.
Directional air inlet and outlet, high efficient heat dissipation
Aluminum alloy once-forming, superior mechanical and frequency characteristics
Modular structure and standard design, easy installation and maintenance;
Integrated design, compact structure, unit drive plate with proprietary intellectual property rights includes drive, protection and control function; high integrated, superior anti-interference
Thin-film capacitor with long service life and oil-proof, high safety and reliability

Control cabinet
High reliability; certified by EMC Certificate, TUV Certificate and European Union CE certification
Double independent power
Optical fiber communication
Strong background communication function, supporting various standard protocol such as IEC104, IEC61850, modbus etc

Outdoor SVG Composition
  • 6kV Container-Typed SVG
  • 35kV Outdoor TSVG

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