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ES9000F/G Four-Quadrant MVVFD/ Variable Frequency Drive

Structure Diagram
The ES9000F/G four-quadrant MVVFD is based on the topology of power units in series and supports bidirectional power flow. By using the ES9000F/G four-quadrant MVVFD, either the electrical energy can be transferred to mechanical energy for driving the loads, or the mechanical energy generated by loads can be transferred to electrical energy to the grid, which can save the energy at a great extent.

The main circuit of the ES9000F/G four-quadrant MVVFD is similar with that of the ES9000A/S general MVVFD, but the power unit and control technology of the former are uniquely designed.

Composition of Power Unit
The power unit consists of the power distribution component, rectifier, energy storage component, feedback, inverter, feedback current detection, and filter feedback. Beside the general inverter control and bypass control functions, the power unit of the ES9000F/G four-quadrant MVVFD supports the grid feedback and filter functions, which enables four-quadrant operation by allowing bidirectional power flow between the input and output power. The harmonic can also be effectively controlled in this way.

Main Control Features
1. Optimum performance in dynamic and stable status with the flux optimization and control with space vector PWM technology, power factor in the power grid side around 1.0
2. Premium energy-saving technology with the unique voltage monitoring technology for power unit bus
3. Higher security level with independent feedback process and rectifier process of the MVVFD power unit
4. Favorable heat dissipation and stability with a more reasonable and even distribution of power-consumption components
5. Pollution-free to the grid with perfect feedback current sine wave
6. Reactor added in the feedback filtering process; high heat dissipation efficiency with favorable ventilation design
7. Convenient maintenance with modular design for the power units

Typical Application
1. Motor load simulation test
2. Downward belt conveyor
3. Mine hoist, winch
4. Crane, gantry crane, tower crane