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ES9000B/D Belt Conveyor MVVFD/ Variable Frequency Drive

The ES9000B/D belt conveyor MVVFD is based on the topological structure of power units developed by Sinopak. It is used to control the speeds of single drive, double drive, 3 drive, and 4 drive belt conveyors.

The main circuit structure is similar to that of the ES9000A/S general MVVFD, with the exception being that the ES9000B has higher hardware configurations, and an easy control function added to the software to meet specific belt conveyor operation.

Heavy Load Configuration, Large Starting Torque
Belt conveyors require a large start up torque and fluctuate when operating with a load. The ES9000B/D MVVFD utilizes heavy load components, and can be operated at 1.6 times or larger, of the rated current for one minute. When starting with a load at a low speed, the starting toque can be as high as 160% or greater. Users can select the configuration with the greater torque based on the heavy load stat up requirements under different working conditions.

A standard ES9000B/D MVVFD belt conveyor is not configured with 4 quadrants, instead, it uses a horizontal or upward belt conveyor application. In downward belt conveyor applications, the spare parts for 4 quadrants can be added to meet power generation requirements.

Harrison Curve Control
The belt conveyor utilizes Harrison control during start up, shutdown, sped up and slow down, ensuring the stability of speed up and slow down processes. It controls the start and stop of the belt conveyor in separate actions by controlling the head and the tail at different times, thereby reducing tensile waves generated during the startup process. This protects the safety and security of the electrical and mechanical equipment, lowering the risk of damage and reducing maintenance fees.

Low Speed, large Torque Output
The ES9000B/D belt conveyor MVVFD can output a rated torque of greater than 160%, which enables inspection of belt at low speed, and meet the requirements such as commissioning and maintenance.

Balance Control for Operation with Multiple Loads
The ES9000B/D MVVFD belt conveyor uses a master-salve VFD synchronous control technology that allows the MVVFD to communicate internally through optical fibers, as well as integrating a multi-drive frequency control system into the control system. The operating status of the conveyor is automatically controlled by the ES9000-JX belt conveyor centralized control box. By doing so, the torque, power, current, and speed of each conveyor system will be synchronized, and the belt conveyor can operate correctly without generating problems caused by drive imbalances.

Belt Conveyor Main Control System (Optional)
Multi-motor interlock startup and shutdown
Conveyor head and tail startup and shutdown sequences
Signal system
Upper computer monitoring
Belt conveyor protection

Multi-Drive System Diagram

1. Belt conveyors
2. Rubber mixing mills, injection molding machines, plastic extruders
3. High pressure roller mills, ball mills, crushers
4. Zipper machines, scraper conveyors
5. Other multi-drive loads